STUFF A BAG time slots

STUFF A BAG time slots

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Due to COVID we must change the way we do our stuff A Bag sale. We have a great selection of items but need a way to get them GONE!!!

SATURDAY AUGUST 1st starting at 10am  

we will be allowing 2 people in to shop the sale at a time. You will be allowed 10 minutes per time slot and each slot is good for 1 bag. you can purchase additional bags but you will only get 1 Bag per time slot. We will only allow 1 person in to shop per time slot. Sorry no kids. You will have 10 minutes to get your stuff then we will ask you to move to a table to take off the hangars and stuff your bag. As we will allow the next 2 customers to come in and shop. 

tag colors to stuff will be pink and white tags ONLY! 

if you cannot find anything to fill your bag...the $10 can be used that day in the store.

as a courtesy we ask that you please wear a mask.